Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max Is Perfect For Busy Moms

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max Is Perfect For Busy Moms

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max is the advanced version of the Viomi V3. This advancement also brings the all-new Map 2.0 program. While Viomi V3 Max is a robot vacuum, that’s far from the limit of what it can do – this genius device can also use its mopping mode and sweeping mode to ensure that all kinds of surfaces and mess are cleaned up. The standard vacuuming modes bring huge amounts of suction to ensure that even chunky bits of dirt and detritus are picked up. Swapping it to mopping means that hard flooring is cleaned properly, while vacuuming is great for carpeted areas, and sweeping brings the best of both worlds to make sure that you’re able to forget about most types of dirt, including dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair and footprints on diversified floors.

This lidar robot vacuum is promising to provide a healthy and clean home environment to users. V3 Max is Viomi’s first product released in the U.S. and the first item on Viomi’s official U.S. Amazon store. With three cleaning modes, the V3 Max thoroughly removes dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair, and footprints from carpets, various types of floors and surfaces. It also comes with an exclusive feature called Y-pattern mopping those mimics in-depth manual cleaning. The V3 Max swiftly adapts to a variety of complex environments, accurately learn the layout of users’ home, and automatically builds a map of the space after the first mapping. With the brand-new Map 2.0 system and improved AI core algorithm, it can store 5 multi-floor maps so that it never loses its way.

Build in intelligence

The Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max also has intelligence built-in. It is able to adjust the suction power to the different floor types. This means that on a hardwood floor, it will be more powerful than on a carpet. The sensor detects dirty zones and will set its suction power for optimal cleaning effect.

Additionally, the Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max has the newest generation of the patented WAP (wall following algorithm). This algorithm helps it find its way back to its charging base after finishing a task, which removes any worry you might have about your robot getting lost and never returning home.

We strongly recommend this new generation of the Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max! It’s perfect for busy moms who need a little help around the house.

Clean up with Map 2.0

Map 2.0 program is like an advanced and intelligent assistant that helps in mapping the different zones on the floors. It also takes care of assigning the cleaning task for each zone, depending on the size of your house. It’s a great companion for busy moms!

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max is perfect for busy moms because it helps in mapping out different zones and assigns a specific task to those zones, making it easy for you to clean up your house. In fact, this robot vacuum is equipped with Map 2.0 program, which lets you divide, merge or name different zones on the floor map. And since this robot vacuum can store up to 5 different floors maps, it can help you clean up large houses without any difficulty or worries.

Viomi Saves Energy, Kills Germs

In addition to the Map 2.0 program, the V3 Max automatically shuts off after a certain period of time. This is especially helpful for families with children because it ensures that the child will not be able to turn on the vacuum cleaner and potentially hurt themselves. The V3 Max also has an intelligent system that prevents it from cleaning the same space twice, which helps save energy and time.

The V3 Max also kills germs with its UV light system. By turning on this function, you can kill up to 99% of bacteria and other germs within 10 minutes. This is perfect for those who have pets in the home or are worried about allergies. Additionally, there’s an antibacterial cloth included with purchase that you can use to remove dirt on furniture and hard-to-reach places, ensuring that your house stays clean!


Purchase With Extra Options

Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max comes with a plethora of different, extra options. For example, it has a voice guide that can help you in setting up the vacuum on your own. It also has two side brushes and a larger dustbin that are responsible for the better cleaning task. Its advanced Mapping 2.0 program is capable of storing up to 5 different floors and dividing them into zones for the ease of cleaning.


When it comes to living a healthy, happy life, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need a vacuum. And just like most other modern people, you’re going to want to invest in a robot vacuum. Viomi has come out with the Viomi Robot Vacuum V3 Max and it has all the features you could ever want in a vacuum.

So what does it have?

The first thing to know about this vacuum is that it has intelligence built into it. This means that you can program it to only clean up certain rooms or sections of the house, like the kitchen or the living room. Speaking of intelligence, this vacuum is also connected to WiFi so you can control it with your phone. It will also make scheduling much easier.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Viomi isn’t just a vacuum, it’s a health device! It has UV lights that will kill germs when you’re using it and it has a HEPA filter that will keep your air clean and healthy. This is perfect for moms with little ones in the house because there’s nothing worse than getting sick while trying to be a mom!

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