Types of Plastic Fabrication Methods

Plastic fabrication is a procedure you apply to design, assemble or manufacture items made from plastic or composites of plastic. A variety of plastic fabrication methods are performed to manufacture components for every industrial sector, such as medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace, shipping and packaging, electronics and electrical, automotive, transportation, durable goods and household items, construction, heavy equipment, agriculture, etc.

The following are some plastic fabrication methods used for different manufacturing processes:

Plastic Welding
Plastic welding is the process of using heat to combine two separate pieces of the same plastic material. This involves melting the base materials and feeding in a filler rod of the same material to create a homogeneous blend. In this process, it is important to use good materials and a good welder.

Die Cutting
Die-cutting is an efficient way to cut plastic films and thin plastic sheets into finished parts. Some common plastic materials made into die-cut parts include polyester film, polycarbonate film, and HDPE sheet.

The plastic pieces are heated up and bent into shape. After the plastics are heated up and formed into the ideal shape, they are cooled and hardened.

Machining is ideal for low volume plastic part applications that require tight tolerances and geometries that are difficult to mold. A CNC router is often used for helping in the machining, cutting, and forming of plastic parts.

Molding Processes
Molding is usually used in the mass production of goods. A mold is a specific shape or design to shape and form the product. Molding is most commonly used in the shaping of plastic goods such as toys, medical equipment, and other plastic products.

Plastic Extrusion
Unlike molding, there is no mold in plastic extrusion. The plastic is melted and pushed through a dye of hollow shape to create a specific shape. This is mainly used to produce pipe/tubing, fencing, deck railings, window framing, thermoplastic coatings, and wire insulation.

Plastic Lamination
This process uses multiple layers in manufacturing. Plastic lamination can improve the strength, stability, and durability of plastic items. For example, a layer of plastic films would form as a laminate on a sheet of glass for protecting the glass and making it more durable.

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