This Guide Makes Deep Cleaning Your House So Much Easier

This Guide Makes Deep Cleaning Your House So Much Easier

The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro vacuum cleaner is the 1st self-emptying robot vacuum-mop with an auto-driving level four line laser lidar and 4000Pa suction, delivering spotless cleaning. Alpha 2 Pro with auto-dumping system 2.0 sucks the debris of the robot and stores it in a disposable bag, which you’ ll only change it once a month.

With 4000Pa superior suction and a 3-in-1 mopping, sweeping & vacuuming system, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro enables your home to be more spotless than ever. It can pull all the dirt, debris, and pet hair from wherever it hides. Carpets, detected by sensors, will trigger a suction boost on Alpha 2 Pro. It will automatically increase suction strength to make sure your floor and carpets are vacuumed properly and entirely.

With this automatic vacuum, you can set different cleaning modes for different rooms, which is a first from Viomi. Apart from that, of course you can use the usual App funtions, such as using vacuuming/mopping mode, editing areas, setting up virtual walls, setting up custom cleaning, etc. Complete control is in your hands, even when you are away. Alpha 2 Pro is now compatible with Google Home & Alexa, giving you an effortless floor cleaning solution. Whenever you want to have your floor cleaned, just simply ask your Alexa/Google voice assistant to tell Alpha 2 Pro to start cleaning, and consider it done.

What is a Vacuum-Mop?

A vacuum-mop, also known as a robot vacuum cleaner, is a type of vacuum cleaner that has the capability to clean and mop at the same time. These types of vacuums have some kind of water tank on board and use water or a wet cleaning solution to clean your floors while they vacuum.

Vacuum-mopping is usually more expensive than traditional vacuuming because it is an additional feature that you are paying for. You may not want to purchase a vacuum-mop if you already own a traditional one, but if you are looking for something new, then it is worth considering. Vacuum-mopping saves you from having to buy two different appliances to do your housekeeping chores.

How Does the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Work?

The vacuum cleaner has a belt that rolls up and down as it cleans. It will move from one room to another until the whole house is spotless. The device can navigate around any obstacles, such as furniture or corners of the wall, by detecting their location and mapping out the most efficient way to clean around them.

What is the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro’s Suction Power?

Lidar is the key feature of the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro vacuum. Lidar stands for “Light Detection and Ranging” and is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating an object with laser light, then analyzing the reflected light. The robot has a 4000 Pa suction power. This can be compared to a standard household vacuum cleaner on its highest setting which delivers about 500-800 Pa.

All you need is to put the robot on one side of your home, press start and let it do all the work! It will automatically find its way to the other side of your home and finish where it left off. The intelligent navigation system will make sure your house stays clean without any room for error.

The best part? No more climbing up high ladders or risking injury when cleaning hard to reach places in your home.

What are the Pros of the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner?

The pros of the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner is that it will clean your entire home and prevent collisions with obstacles. This device has a laser navigation system to make sure it doesn’t hit any obstacles. Plus, the filters on this vacuum-mop are high quality, keeping dust from reentering the environment. The maintenance fee is also low and you can schedule the cleaning time convenient for you.

What is the Cons of the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner?

The cons to the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner are that it is expensive and you will need to subscribe to a monthly service. This is not a one-time purchase, but rather an investment in your home.

The other con to the vacuum cleaner is that it does have a high price tag. However, this investment will pay for itself in time because you won’t have to buy any filters or any new vacuum cleaners.

Additionally, the device will come with a monthly subscription service, which can be seen as a pro or con depending on your preference. If you want the benefits of spotless cleaning then this subscription service may be worth it for you or if you want something more affordable then maybe not.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro vacuum cleaner is better than any other vacuum that I have tried. It is quiet, easy to use, and does a great job at cleaning.

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