These Cleaning Gadgets Are The Most Satisfying Purchases Since Lockdown

Viomi V3 Max For Automatic Floor Cleaning
Viomi V3 Max comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning system. This robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum, and mop your house, and do it incredibly effectively. You get three different modes here, including sweep only, sweep and mop, and mop only, and you can choose whichever mode you require. With a combination of these modes, the Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum can easily clean your house from dust, dirt, footprints, stains, and pet hair without breaking a sweat. It comes with a boatload of sensors, including a LiDAR sensor that helps it manage its way through complex environments. The vacuum cleaner uses this sensor to make floor maps of your entire house and saves them for future use.

SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush
Yes, this does look like an electric toothbrush. And it works like one too. But it’s £18.99 and we know your ORAL-b costs a pound or two more! The SonicScrubber is perfect for getting into those hard to reach nooks and crannies, like the corners of your shower, round the sinkhole, etc.

Philips Air Purifier
Investing in an air purifier has huge benefits not only for your cleaning routine but for your health too. An air purifier will remove 99% of ultrafine particles from the air including dust, bacteria and viruses. So that means less dusting, and clearer airways. And this Philips one can be used with an Alexa (if you have one) making it super-tech.

Mop Slippers
We had to throw this one in for a laugh. More gimmick than gizmo, but great fun nonetheless! And if you’re feeling lazy, these do actually work, although it might take you from dawn till dusk to get round all your flooring. For little stains and spillages, squirt some floor cleaner and shuffle away. If you have kids, these could be a fun way to get them into cleaning, too.

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