These 5 Time-Saving Products Make Household Chores Easier

The Viomi V3 Max

Most people think that today’s robot vacuum cleaners can only do one thing, vacuum their floors. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The Viomi V3 Max vacuum can Sweep, Mop only, and Sweep-Mop. This means that when it gets going it can remove dust, dirt, water stains, crumbs, pet hair, and footprints on diversified floors. Never again do you have to come home to your home living room carpet looking like the dog or cat changed skins. Its deep-cleaning algorithm behaves pretty much as you would yourself when manually mopping your floors and it has a 97.5% cleaning coverage. Powered by an A35 quad-core processor with robust computing performance and coupled with the SLAM algorithm, the Viomi vacuum cleaner can quickly process sensor information and make sure that its path is clear for better cleaning result without accidents and without getting stuck.

The Vorwerk Kobold VR2 Plus
This vacuum is built for pet owners. It can take care of both hair and food odors with its ion-exchange filters. The vacuum can’t be turned on without a plate of food on its trolley, so any spills should be okay. Unlike most vacuums, this one has wheels. And unlike the dogs that love rolling around, the wheels are BPA-free. This particular model is ideal for picking up dust and hair. The 360-degree rotating brush bar makes vacuuming even easier. A huge plus is that the vacuum comes with an iPod and Bluetooth speaker so your dog can listen to his favorite tunes while the vacuum is doing its work. This is an ideal for those times you need to vacuum up an entire room and your dog is nowhere to be found.

Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
This Shark vacuum cleaner is super easy to use, and one of its benefits is that you can throw it up against any surface, and it will clean it for you. The vacuum is especially great at picking up pet hair and dust from around the house, but it also does an excellent job of cleaning a room rug, even a thick one. As an added bonus, the vacuum is also great at deep cleaning the corners and edges of the vacuum cleaner for extra coverage. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner With this cordless vacuum, you can move up to five rooms of the house and vacuum anywhere in the house at once. The vacuum is equipped with V8 Absolute suction and 400 grit HEPA filter to help pick up pet hair from upholstery and car upholstery.

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
The Dyson Ball 2 Upright Vacuum is also a favorite among people who are busy and have many things to do. The vacuum cleaner also uses a micro suction technology that can suck dirt from hard-to-reach places. The vacuum cleans dirt and debris from carpets, tile and vinyl floors, dust from a variety of surfaces and the pet hair from dogs and cats. The vacuum is powered by a powerful 2,300-watt motor, which has quick-release technology that allows the motor to cool as quickly as possible when not in use. It is also dust-resistant, and the powerful suction can easily clear away accumulated dust. The vacuum is the perfect pick for any family that would like to go that extra mile to keep their home clean. Deik Looms These are the coolest home appliances for housewives who are never at home.

Miele Swing H1 Quickstep
Miele is in a league of its own when it comes to vacuums. You’ve likely heard of its powerful Formula vacuum cleaners, including the new Miele Swing C1 Turbo, which can lift the heaviest-duty commercial vacuums. But Miele also has a wide variety of other vacuum cleaners. This Swing H1 Quickstep offers quick cleaning and can be scheduled in any order. It has a versatile FlexCone multi-surface cleaning system to get the job done quickly. Plus, it uses some surprising features like lithium ion batteries, and it can be easily disassembled and cleaned. It has some other impressive features, too, like an adjustable bumper, a detachable head for tackling corners, and wireless remote control. You don’t even have to empty the dust bin!

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