Desert safari in Dubai is a unique experience of the extraordinary charm of the enchanting desert. The experience of the sand glowing when hit by the rays of the sun is extremely worth a watch. You can experience the unique blend of the desert.  As the desert is famous for its beauty so it is also called as the golden sands of Arabia. There are many other adventurous things to do in this desert safari such as-

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1.Sand dune bashing

Sand Dune Bashing is one of the major attractions when going for desert safari.  Dune Bashing is also popular as sand bashing and gives a thrilling Roller coaster drive in the desert. This is the most adventurous part of your safari when your car glides up and down the high and low golden sand dunes.

2.Quad biking

The quad bikes are speedy and it is must a do. A helmet must be worn while riding. The natural trail of the dunes, kicking sand in the face of your riders as you bounce over Dubai’s most iconic patch of sand should definitely be in your list.

3.The gorgeous sunrise

The Arabian Desert is the place where you should be headed at dawn as the Sun shines. Watch at the golden beauty and lounge in the awesomeness. The morning is the most photogenic spectacle that you’ll see.

4. Camel ride

Camel safari is a desert safari in Dubai that takes you on a momentous ride. Tour the Dubai desert conservation reserve as you ride the camel and explore the desert wildlife.

This ride is necessary for you to explore more of the desert safari world in Dubai.

5. Hot air ballooning

Hot air balloon safari gives the perfect view of the massive Arabian Desert. It drifts high up in the air providing mesmerizing views. The animals of the desert can be spotted around.

6. The unforgettable night

After all the adventures with a range of entertainment and activities like dancing, fire eating, and the exotic belly dancing and many more things, a night doesn’t get better than this. It Anchors your luxurious tent and enjoys exciting moments with friends and family.

7. Sand Boarding

It’s one of the famous activities of the desert safari. You try to ski from the highest dunes on a ski board, everyone can do it as if you fall the soft sand is there to catch you .A fun experience and one that everyone should do in a desert safari.

Dubai’s desert safari is an experience that one must enjoy. It has number of exciting things to do as mentioned in the article. It is not only good for the adventure lovers but also for those who love to see scenic views. You can take direct flight to Dubai today to have a whole lot of different experience during your stay.