Most popular tourist attractions in Italy

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Italy is famous for having many beautiful and historic cities that are worth a visit to become tourist destinations in Italy. Traveling to Italy is best done by train, because driving in Italian cities may be very difficult because of the heavy traffic flow on the road. Moreover, the Italian train system is very good and spacious and certainly also quite cheap. Most of the city centers in Italy are very suitable for walking, especially some of the city center may be closed for vehicle transportation. Large Italian cities generally have good public transportation, too.

Here is a list of the 8 most popular tourist attractions in Italy:

1. Rome

City of Rome
Rome is the capital of modern Italy. Rome is full of history in various aspects of life and buildings. The city has many ancient monuments, interesting medieval churches, beautiful fountains, museums and Renaissance palaces. Rome is a bustling city and has several excellent restaurants and nightlife that is perfect for foreign tourists visiting one of the … Read more


The most beautiful place in Greece

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Greece is one of the best choice countries for holidays. In Greece, there are more than sixty spectacular islands, four thousand-year historic sites, beautiful beaches and towering mountains. There are various kinds of tourist attractions in Greece that you can explore. Greece is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Throughout Greece, there are many historical ruins which are the remains of ancient civilizations, and various medieval churches and buildings. Greece really offers an amazing vacation spot for everyone.

Following is a list of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Greece:

1. Santorini

Sunset on the island of Santorini

Santorini is a tourist spot in Greece in the form of a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of Greek islands. This place is famous for its fantastic views, amazing sunsets, washed white houses. Fira is the capital of Santorini, and this place is a Venetian and Cycladic architectural marriage. Santorini has white stone streets, the bustle of visitors who buy souvenirs in shops, as well as hotels … Read more